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Half the battle of solving a problem is finding the right talent. When you have the right team and a sound support structure, you can solve many problems.
At Tactics Solutions, we have created a network of IT talent to team up with you to tackle your challenges – when you need it, as you need it.
We understand that in the new global economy, standard office hours may not meet the changing needs of the workforce, who may be looking for flexibility to:
  • bring up their children or care for their aging parents;
  • re-energize and re-focus on education, environment, healthcare and other equally important and competing issues.
Because of this, companies may not be competitive enough to attract the best IT talent or to allow employees to perform at their peak. We believe a diverse and flexible work environment that leverages technology to attract and connect experienced talent with client opportunities is how we can help you meet this challenge.

Our team is comprised of IT experts from across industries who have held senior positions in Fortune 500 companies. We have many years of IT implementation experience, deep domain expertise and industry knowledge. We know how to ask the right questions to identify and deliver the most effective solutions. We are connected by our passion to solve your business problems by applying the right technology; we are technology and vendor neutral.

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